• China Steel Weight Plate Manufacturer
  • China Steel Weight Plate Manufacturer
  • China Steel Weight Plate Manufacturer

China Steel Weight Plate Manufacturer

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1 pc

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Product Description

China Steel Weight Plate Manufacturer

Item No RDWS-17
Material Steel
Colour Black
Quality Strength functional use
Moq 1 set

  This is a promotional item design . This comes with 10lb&20lb weight mixed style .it is common to see in fitness clubs , it is reasonable to be more close to the users who use light weight or heavy because only big power man use big quantity weight plates when exercise ,for women or the new users , it is better to select the smaller plates up to begin exercise in order to keep your body safe and more comfortable at the beginning .

   It is more sensitive to use for cable cross over machines . it needs more space to place the longer plates . more weight needed for cable cross over because it works with long cable in the way which makes exercise more comfortable than common strength machines 

  Now how we can make a good quality with long time reputation ?

  30years production experience of weight stack as everybody knows in China  ,most of our customers gave us good feedback which is the biggest positive answer how we do . we have enough molding to control the tolerance which helps us to keep a exact sizes without giving a tolerance issue, the biggest point for a buyer I think is to look for a realiable supplier to be a supporter behind forever.

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Fitness parts, fitness pulleys for gym equipments Aluminmum Pulleys For Strength Machines Item no. : RDXA4302 Diameter : 88*21 mm